Immortal Ambition is a symbol of HOPE. It is a boundless journey of living your life with such passion and humility that you inspire yourself, your family, your community, and the world. You, no matter who you are or what circumstances brought you to where you are, YOU are limitless.

It is mandatory that you are never satisfied. The standards others have of you must pale in comparison to the standards you have for yourself. What separates the mediocre from the exceptional is the ability to continue gaining knowledge, experiences, and to persevere when you are faced with trials.

You are acutely aware that you will be faced with competition in many facets of your life but your greatest competitor is yourself. You are your most important critic and your most worthy fan. You will win certain battles and others you will be defeated. When you possess Immortal Ambition, your lessons and your character will always prevail. You will celebrate your victories but not for too long, The next achievement is waiting to be attained. Discipline is not a component of Immortal Ambition, it is the essence of Immortal Ambition. The only way to sustain success and to continue striving for even greater heights is through discipline. How you achieved success is your road map on your journey. How you sustain success is your legacy. Anyone can achieve a goal but discipline is the fuel you need to achieve and sustain Immortal Ambition. Achieving a goal is commendable but continuing to strive for greater is extraordinary. How you maintain your success and continue climbing is inspiring. When you possess Immortal Ambition you are committing to never being finished. The journey is never done. You are always seeking greater views, greater heights. You know the difference between settling for good and working for superior.

Finally, Immortal Ambition is not a selfish pursuit. In fact, it is essential that you are selfless in order to possess this virtue. How you live and the words you say will serve as a motivator for those you love, acquaintances, and even perfect strangers to be inspired by your successes and attitude to the point that he or she will also want to work on becoming a better version of themselves. You are empowering the masses by being authentic and accountable with yourself.

These tenets are the secret to obtaining and sustaining an IMMORTAL AMBITION MINDSET:

  • · Know yourself
  • · Self-discipline
  • · Leadership
  • · Mental toughness
  • · Practice gratitude
  • · Fear will exist...get over it
  • · Sustained obsession
  • · Appreciate your adversity
  • · Live your passion
  • · Learning never stops

Immortal Ambition: the secrets behind the tenets book coming soon!

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