From Darkness to Light

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It was 2010. I looked at a picture from Reggie’s (my Defined Apparel co-CEO) birthday party in Morristown, NJ. It was a great night but all I could think was “Damn, I need to do something.” That was my wake-up call. I guess I did not realize how badly I had let myself go. Life got crazy, I was feeling depressed and going through tough things at the time. I was completely unmotivated. I knew what it was to be fit so that disciplined lifestyle was not foreign to me. I had simply got distracted with other problems like many other people do. Instead of working out and eating right, I got deeper and deeper into my funk.

So, I reached out to an old friend. Fabian Orozco is a well-known prep/nutrition coach for bodybuilders and people who just want to get healthier. His guidance helped me get my act together. I started to get that fire back in me. I cleaned up my diet, started working out again, and got my co-worker Reggie linked up with Fabian too.

In the end, I didn’t really see the number on the scale move much. I did see my body transform and more than that, I felt good again. I felt like me but a better version of me. When I think about it, my transformation got me into fitness more which led Reggie and I to start speaking about inspiring others through fitness and fashion. I have that “fed up” moment to thank for Defined Apparel and my happiness and health coming to life.

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