Defined Apparel is at face value just a fashion brand. However, we are here to show you that we are so much more. We are a lifestyle. We strive to build a community of individuals who inspire and want to be inspired.

We aim to connect individuals who have overcome with those who are looking toward better days.
We are leaders with IMMORTAL AMBITION and we want to empower our Defined Nation to be the same.

When you wear Defined Apparel you are proclaiming your greatness. You are accepting the challenge to better yourself, your community, and your world. Defined Apparel is clothing that defines you and a lifestyle that inspires you.

Our Story

Sitting in a small work office in rural NJ in 2004 they could have never in their wildest dreams conceived of this labor of love that is Defined Apparel. CEOs Reggie and Anthony met when they worked in a residential treatment facility for children with emotional and mental health struggles. While they quickly became friends, they also proved to be good colleagues as they faced challenges at work together. The friendship was solidified with shared interests of sports and fitness.

Reggie and Anthony both displayed their passion for the fitness world by training for bodybuilding competitions. Reggie even competed and placed in an NPC physique show. The guys could have kept their passion for fitness on that level. However, that is just not in Reggie or Anthony’s nature. They could never accomplish a feat and stop there. So it was no surprise as they grew closer and maintained their passion for fitness that a stroke of genius came along in 2015. Anthony decided it was time to combine fashion with the love of fitness. He knew there was only one person in the world that would help him creatively elevate this pipe dream. Reggie passionately and fearlessly signed on. In 2015 Defined Apparel was officially founded. Through the usual trials and tribulations of small business ownership, Reggie and Anthony knew that changes and challenges were always going to be there.

This would turn most off and force them to quit while they were ahead. Not this duo. They rolled with the punches and have always adapted to finding innovative ways to enhance this brand while maintaining the core belief of: the quality of the material must be exceptional, the designs need to be authentically ours and true to our community, and we always need to honor and showcase the people who believe in us and buy our products who we fondly call Defined Nation.
Unlike other companies that just want you to purchase their merchandise and keep it moving, we want you to believe in our brand and invite you to share your story and be a valued member of our community.
We live our lives each day with ambition, positivity, and dedication to our dreams and bettering our community. We hope you do the same, Defined Nation.

Remember, we are not defined by what we have but rather we are awakened by what we give.

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